The ERF:

– defends the interests of the European road infrastructure community towards the EU Institutions and other stakeholders

– represents a cross-section of industry partners, road and users associations active in the construction, equipment, maintenance and operation of   Europe’s road network

– initiates and supports studies and publications aimed at increasing awareness on the importance of roads for all citizens contributes to European research initiatives with a view to enhancing the overall efficiency and safety of the road transport system

– gives the road infrastructure community a consistent and united voice in all road transport areas by promoting and coordinating Programmes & Working Groups on the following issues

Road Safety image
Road Safety Programme

Our mission is to support the EU goal to cut the number of road deaths by 50% by 2020.

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Sustainable-programme erf
Sustainability Programme

Effectively and efficiently planned, designed, built, operated, upgraded and preserved roads

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Road Infrastructure Financing Programme

Road infrastructure is the backbone of the European economy and social equity

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