Honorary Membership of the European Union Road Federation (ERF) rewards those individuals whose personal commitment and professional achievements are an inspiration to the European road community.

ERF Hall of Honour



Aniceto Zaragoza Ramírez

Served as Chairman of the ERF from 1998 to the present day and as Director General of the Spanish Road Association from 1992 to 2007. Dr. Zaragoza, one of the inspired figures of the European road transport sector, oversaw the birth of the Federation and the strengthening of its position as a point of reference in the road transport sector in Europe.



Christophe Nicodème

Christophe Nicodème is an accomplished manager at Prismo Limited and a Member of the ERF Executive Committe. He offered, throughout the years, an invaluable contribution on why better roads make sense.



Marc Roegies

Marc Roegies spent nearly four decades working for the Belgian road sector, both as a manager in the construction industry and as an animator of several professional road associations. He describes his time as ERF Executive Committee Member as the "summit of his professional career".



Ola Bjornstad

Ola Bjornstad's professional career has spanned across two of Norway's most valued assets: roads and timber. His track record in the transport sector has taken him to the Norwegian Truck Owners Association, the Transport and Communication Committee at the Norwegian Parliament and the Ministry of Transport, where he implemented the Master plan for Norwegian roads. Prior to his recent retiring, he had been director of the Norwegian Road Federation for 13 years.



José F. Papí Ferrando

José F. Papí Ferrando received the ERF Honorary Membership in 2008 after having served as Secretary General of the Federation from its creation to December 2007. Mr Papí was instrumental in enlarging the scope of actions and expanding the membership base of the Federation, turning it into the "Voice of the European Road".



Brendan Halleman

Brendan Halleman served in a veriety of position at the ERF through a career spanning several years. As Director of Operations, he oversaw many of the research projects which established the Federation as one of the most respected players in the road transport sector.