1 Jun 2006


With up to a third of European traffic fatalities caused by run-off accidents with roadside hazards, such as trees or ditches, the safety relevance of road restraint systems (RRS) cannot be exaggerated. For three years, research centres, road equipment designers and infrastructure operators have collaborated on ROBUST, an innovative project to ensure that the performance of passive safety devices integrates real-life accident conditions and state of the art technology.

On 30 May 2006, the importance of safe roadside management strategies was presented on the occasion of a one-day workshop which gathered 70 representatives in Brussels at the invitation of ERF and the ROBUST consortium.

Workshop Presentations: To download a copy of the presentations, please click on the corresponding speaker's name (large files - it is recommended to use right-click & "Save Target As" option).


Workshop programme

Access to ROBUST FTP (comprising all reports, crash tests and simulation results)

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First session: setting the European framework.
Chaired by José Papi, Secretary General, European Union Road Federation (ERF)

Brendan Halleman, ERF, infrastructure safety policies in the EU-25

Robert Thomson, Chalmers University of Technology, The contribution of RISER to road safety

Ángel Martínez, Hierros y Aplanaciones (HIASA), Safe roadside management practices, the teachings of RISER


Second session: overview of current passive safety standards (part1)
Chaired by Jacques Bossuge, Convenor, TC226/WG1

Amilcar da Costa, CEN Management Centre, The road equipment standardisation agenda

Vittorio Giavotto, Politecnico Milano, EN1317 questions and the need for research

Filippo Marino, Federation of European Motorcyclists' Associations, he missing users: powered two wheeler protection


Cristina Marolda, European Commission, DG Research, Surface Transport Research Priorities in FP7


Third session: The findings of ROBUST(part 1)
Chaired by Vittorio Giavotto, Politecnico Milano

Gavin Williams, TRL, Correlation of statistical data on real life accidents

Clement Goubel, LIER, Full scale tests

Marco Anghileri, Politecnico Milano, Testing procedures and severity indices evaluation


Fourth session: The findings of ROBUST(part 2)
Chaired by Marco Anghileri, Politecnico Milano

Otto Kleppe, Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Introduction to ROBUST Computation mechanics

Marco Anghileri, Politecnico Milano, Acceleration transducers, data acquisition and validation

Gavin William, TRL, Parameter study

Kristin Johannessen,Force Technology, CM results and comparison

Otto Kleppe, Norwegian Public Roads Administration, CM conclusions and recommendations

Marco Anghileri, Politecnico Milano, Injury criteria and new severity index