8 Feb 2005


ERF associates itself to a unique international forum on road safety to be held in Cairo on 8 rebruary 2005.


The European Union Road Federation (ERF) has always believed that the human and economic consequences of the millions of road injuries and deaths suffered worldwide demand innovative approaches to road safety and a coordinated effort to share best practices and measures which address the root causes of road accidents.

As part of its mission as a platform for dialogue and research, the ERF has chosen to associate itself to Road Safety & Traffic Management 2005, a landmark event to be held in Cairo on 8 February 2005. The event will see cross-stakeholder discussions in the areas of risk management, intervention strategies, road safety funding and public private partnerships. Invited speakers include senior officials from all Egyptian ministries concerned by road traffic as well as representatives from the Global Road Safety Partnership, the World Bank and World Health Organisation.

Within this event, ERF will stage a workshop dedicated to the question of road infrastructure safety through interactive presentations associating industry, academia and policy-makers in a joint effort to spread European road engineering good practices. Confirmed speakers of the ERF workshop include:

  • José Papí, ERF: "Why road improvement saves lives"
  • Dr. Magdy Noureldin, Cairo University: "Towards Safer Roads - The Egyptian View Point"
  • Cynthia Sanfilippo, 3M Europe: "Components of a safe highway: the role of signing and marking"
  • Ángel V. Martínez, HIASA: "Vehicle Restraint Systems: the long way to harmonisation"
  • Jesús Rincón, Elsamex: "Maintaining a safe road network"

According to ERF Secretary General José Papí "Egypt's urban landscape and demographic situation would present a challenge to any road engineer. We hope that European know-how can contribute to reducing the human suffering of road accidents, currently responsible for over 6,000 deaths a year in Egypt alone".

Road Safety & Traffic Management 2005 web site