ERF-STOA_WSOn 23 November, around 100 interested stakeholders from all over Europe, gathered in the European Parliament in Brussels to take part to the ERF-STOA Workshop “Paving the way for a quieter Europe”.


The successful event, hosted by Salvatore Tatarella, Member of the European Parliament and Member of the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee, was a unique opportunity for EU policy makers, industry representatives, NGOs and experts in the field, to share opinions and ideas towards a systemic approach to reduce traffic noise in order to ensure European citizens a quieter and healthier environment.


Mr. Tatarella, who showed deep interest in the road transport noise that disturbs millions of European citizens, opened the Workshop and chaired the first session. He stressed that “a major and more efficient noise reduction is needed to ensure a growing development which is sustainable and respectful of the environment and of the health of all the European citizens. I strongly believe that the investments in research and development of new technologies could achieve major results”.


The first session laid down the European framework of the current noise related legislations with the intervention of two representatives from the European Commission. In partucular, they addressed the recent review of the Environmental Noise Directive and the forthcoming new proposal for a regulation on vehicle noise emissions that will be adopted by the Commission in the following days and then forwarded to the European Parliament.


Furthermore the point of views of NGOs and research centres were expressed, emphasising the need of additional efforts from the transport industry in order to achieve a major noise reduction.


The second session, chaired by Mr Wolfert, from the Centre for Environmental Expertise, was dedicated to industry representatives who illustrated the advanced solutions implemented in their sectors (tyre, road surface and noise barriers). This session closed with the presentation of the URF French publication “Silence on roule” demonstrating the important results that can be achieved in traffic noise reduction by combining advanced technologies from both the infrastructure and the automotive sector  but also involving road users, public authorities, urban planners, traffic managers, building constructors and policy makers.


During its closing remarks, Christophe Nicodème, Director General of the ERF, welcomed the important results achieved by the road and the automotive sectors so far. He also underlined the necessity for a "common effort and shared responsability between all the stakeholders involved, in order to actively contribute to a substantial reduction of the noise generated by all modes of transport, including the road transport".


Proceedings of the event