Efficient road networks are the backbone of our socio-economic model, driving employment and economic growth while providing citizens with an essential means of mobility. Reconciling these individual mobility needs with legitimate societal aspirations for cleaner, safer and smarter road transport requires a constant adaptation to new methods, materials and technologies, highlighting the crucial role played by innovation.

Today, billions of dollars are invested every year around the world on applied research and technological development by the private road sector. The European Union Road Federation (ERF) itself is at the forefront of numerous research initiatives with leading international institutions.

Recognising the value of efficient knowledge-sharing and pooling of research resources at a global level, the ERF actively participates in numerous European project aimed at improving the sustainability and efficiency of the road sector.

With the support of its members, the ERF takes part in projects dealing with:

  • Road safety
  • GNSS Applications and ITS
  • Smart mobility
  • Sustainable roads

Additionally the ERF offers road sector stakeholders and international research bodies a forum to discuss strategic research priorities, promote knowledge transfer and encourage participation in European road research programmes.


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