2nd edition of International Seminar on Roads, Bridges and Tunnels

18 December 2017 | Thessaloniki, Greece

On 3rd – 9th November, the School of Civil Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki organised the 2nd International Educational Seminar on Roads, Bridges and Tunnels. The International Seminar on Roads, Bridges and Tunnels (ISRBT) covered practical aspects of construction and management, aiming, especially, at enlightening the applied part of the engineering knowhow.

The ERF was invited to share its experience on European Transport Policies.  More specifically, Konstandinos Diamandouros, Head of Office at ERF, gave a presentation on the series of policies at European level which also have an impact on road infrastructure:

–          The European Road Safety Action Programme

–          The Revision of the ‘Eurovignette Directive’ on charging for the use of infrastructure

–          The Road Infrastructure Safety Management Directive 2008/96

–          The Tunnel Directive 2004/54/EC on minimum safety requirements

–          The impact on road automation on road infrastructure

On the latest topic, he gave an update on the conclusions of the report of the C-ITS on Physical and Digital Infrastructure which seeks to give an outline of how road infrastructure could adapt to court for the needs of autonomous vehicles.

ERF Presentation

More information on C-ITS