Traffic Signs & Pavement Markings: International State of the Art on Policies & Research | European Road Conference

26 April 2018| Dubrovnik, Croatia

The US-based Transportation Research Board (TRB) is co-sponsoring a one-day workshop titled “Traffic Signs & Pavement Markings: International State of the Art on Policies & Research” organised on the opening day of the European Road Conference, October 22-24 2018 in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The downward trend in global traffic injuries has been on pause since 2013, and is particularly notable in developed economies which had enjoyed a steady decline over the previous decade.

Numerous reports confirm that single vehicle accidents remain a particular cause of concern, accounting for 45% of European fatalities. Drivers unable to understand the road environment and make informed decisions are particularly prone to run-off road accidents. The problem is increasingly compounded with an ageing motoring population and under-investments in the maintenance of roadside safety assets. There is also a growing body of research evidence that the shift towards partial and full vehicle automation will trigger new design requirements which the sector needs to assess and prepare for.

This special interest session will share the international state of the art on the design and maintenance of traffic signs and pavement markings through a cross-sector panel of road agencies, research institutions and industry stakeholders.

The topics of the session are the following:

  • Conspicuous signs/markings in all weather and road conditions
  • Good practices in maintaining signs & markings
  • Interaction between intelligent vehicles and signs/markings/delineation

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