ERF / CEDR Roundtable on the impact of conflict in Ukraine on the road infrastructure industry and the road administrations

27 June 2022 | Brussels

Further to the release of the ERF statement on the negative   impact of the war in Ukraine on the road industry, end of March 2022, it appeared that there was a strong interest of strengthening the dialogue between the road infrastructure industry sector and the road administrations.
This was the reason for organising an informal roundtable, which took place on 24th June.

This roundtable discussion, moderated by ERF Director General, gathered representatives from CEDR (Conférence Européenne des Directeurs des Routes), different Road Administrations, EAPA (European Asphalt Pavement Association), SER (Syndicat des Équipements de la Route) and ERF.

This online session gave the Road Industry stakeholders the opportunity to deliver short statements on their vision of the current impacts of the Ukraine conflict on their business, expressing their concerns and the necessity to reinforce the dialogue with the road industry’s main customers, i.e. the road administrations.

The second part of the webinar gave participants the opportunity to discuss about different topics related to the current situation, among which the availability and price of raw materials, energy, the impact on current and future road construction and maintenance projects, as well as the need of improve cooperation.

All participants agreed on the necessity to capitalise on this first informal session and are looking forward to the next webinars that will take place soon.