ERF President invited to the FEHRL Infrastructure Research Meeting 2021

08 December 2021 | Brussels

On 7th December, ERF President Rik Nuyttens, was invited to participate to the FIRM  21 (FEHRL Infrastructure Research Meeting 2021) under the theme “Innovative roads for everyone’s mobility”.

The conference presented a twofold approach with panelists from public bodies (European Commission, national road administrations) and private sector embracing research and innovation activities to improve road infrastructures.

Presenting the priorities and contribution from the ERF towards a safer, connected, digital and sustainable mobility, Rik Nuyttens participated to the first roundtable ‘What’s new for research?’ During his presentation, he insisted on the road infrastructure being a key component for future mobility especially as facilitator of higher levels of automation and complementing massive efforts on the development of new technologies made by the automotive sector. In this sense, the necessity to cooperate with other stakeholders is the key for guaranteeing a successful innovation deployment in the market.

Another important element towards the smooth development and implementation of new and innovative solutions is the performance-based approach of road equipment solutions in public procurement processes through a modern standardization system. The ERF working groups can actively support public authorities in the area sharing technical knowledge and good practices.

As practical example combining all these elements will be the successful implementation of the General Safety Regulation and the RISM Directive paving the way for higher levels of automation whereas ensuring good levels of safety performance from the infrastructure side including good maintenance goals.

ERF President’s presentation can be found at the link hereunder: