ERF strong presence to the TIS Roma 2022 3rd International Conference

16 September 2022 | Rome, Italy

On 15th and 16th September, The AIIT (the Italian Association for Traffic and Transport Engineering) organized in Rome its Third International Conference (TIS Roma), with the support of the ERF. The main topic of the Conference was ‘New Scenarios for Transport Infrastructure and Systems – Transition to Inclusivity, Resilience and Sustainability’.

ERF President, Rik Nuyttens, had been invited by the organisers to deliver a keynote speech during the opening ceremony.

In his speech, “A fast Road to a better Future” Mr. Nuyttens insisted on the strong commitment of the ERF to Road Safety, with the private sector providing technical support to public authorities and the society in general for drastically reducing the societal impact of road accidents, fatalities and injuries.

He also insisted on the efforts deployed by the road sector towards a greener and more resilient mobility by promoting greener practices aiming at reducing GHG emissions and natural resources consumption over the whole lifetime of the road (circular economy).

He also underlined the participation of the ERF members in different expert groups initiated by the European Commission, sharing good practices and offering industry’s technical expertise.

During the Conference, ERF Director General, Christophe Nicodème, also had the opportunity to moderate a specific session dedicated to the topic of ‘Mobility in a post-Covid Era’.

This very intensive session provided some presentations on the impacts of the Covid pandemic on mobility patterns and behaviours in different cities in Europe and abroad. This was also the opportunity for the ERF DG to present the results of the second Benchmark Study released in 2022 by different European Associations (among which ERF) on ‘Mobility and Recovery in Europe: Impact of the Covid-19 crisis – A European Comparative Analysis”.

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