HEALROAD Workshop embraces self-healing as promising maintenance technique

01 November 2017 | Cologne, Germany

On 26 October, the HEALROAD Project presented the latest results of its research on self-healing asphalts during a workshop held at the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) in Cologne, Germany.

Although self-healing is a promising engineering technique, additional research, is still needed in terms of technical specifications to achieve market deployment.

The workshop in Cologne, which gathered around 60 international experts, presented the latest scientific and technical developments on five specific parameters towards improving the self-healing technique, initially created by the University of Delft:

  • Bitumen properties
  • Induction heating time
  • Maximum heating temperature
  • Effect of ageing and successive damage-healing series
  • Up-scaling/recyclability of the mixture

The project’s ultimate objective is the development of a technique which ensures the best value for money and resource efficiency as well as improving traffic management by reducing the number of roads closed for maintenance. The research took place in Spain, the Netherlands and United Kingdom while the full scale demonstrator (i.e. construction, testing, healing) is being deployed at the new duraBASt facilities in Germany.

For further information, please contact José Díez: j.diez@erf.be