Improving road safety in Western Balkans region

20 May 2021 | Brussels

On the 18th May, the ERF joined the 7th Road Safety Technical Committee of the Transport Community to describe main actions developed in the field and immediate strategic goals.

Road Safety remains a main priority for the ERF and its members since its creation. Under the leadership of four Working Groups (Road Restrain Systems, Markings, Signs and Work Zones), the ERF Programme gathers main experts from the sector with regular contributions to the discussions from external participants. In this sense, main outputs are the preparation of policy papers and technical recommendations, participation in EU projects and development of engagement activities with public authorities and relevant stakeholders.

Western Balkans represent a key region for the completion of the EU Road network. Especially during the next years, the Transport Community Secretariat will play an active role to ensure that road infrastructure will benefit from the highest safety standards in the world and support the reduction of fatalities while ensuring social cohesion and economic development in its six regional partners.

Further information about the Transport Community and its priorities in the road sector can be found here.