LABEL was a € 2.7 million European Commission co-funded project, aimed at establishing and encouraging a certification system, with broad acceptability, for Truck Parking Areas in Europe.

In two main approaches, a number of mutually supportive actions were proposed. The two approaches included:

  • Systematic gathering, scrutiny and discussion of existing national and international guidelines, recommendations and regulations regarding the security and quality of truck parking areas. The shaping a new quality and security labelling and certification scheme
  • Application and validation of the thus found scheme as the core element of a comprehensive labelling system, leading to the introduction of a European Blue Label scheme for Rest Areas / Service Stations / Truck Stops for the Professional Driver.
  • Comprehensive labelling system was designed to seek broad governmental and industry acceptance. The business incentives and the high communication value of the support measure were considered to establish the labelling system beyond the project. Also, extensions for focus on e.g. dangerous goods are possible.
  • Facilitate selection of sites to be certified, as well as to incorporate as many sites as possible into an assessment scheme through an additional computer-assisted system. Moreover, several self-assessment tools encouraged site operators to improve on quality, safety and in particular security.


Ongoing projects