SCUTUM (SeCUring the EU GNSS adopTion in the dangeroUs Material transport) is a European Research & Development project, aimed at a wide adoption of Satellite Navigation EGNOS/Galileo based technology and services for the safe hazardous goods transport management.

Because of its enhanced stability and accuracy, ENI, a leading Italian oil company, operating at international level, is presently using EGNOS to monitor its fleet (more than one thousand of vehicles) transporting hydrocarbon in Italy.

Based on the ENI experience in Italy, SCUTUM implements a best practise programme performing EGNOS large-scale trials in Europe. The ENI/ Italian system will be extended on a cross-border basis towards a wider adoption of EGNOS in neighbouring countries Austria and France for further extension to other Member States and other freight types.

The authorities involved in the trials (Italy’s and France’s Ministry of Transport) will validate benefits and value of EGNOS providing guaranteed tracking & tracing services supporting enhanced safety.