Solidarity Message from ERF: Roads Unite Us All

01 April 2020 | Brussels, Belgium

Today, we are facing an unprecedented crisis caused by the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic and more than one third of the world population is currently subject to strict containment measures.

Despite the difficulties and the stressful conditions, everywhere in the world, millions of people continue to be on the front line to ensure that the necessary services are provided to the citizens, taking care of their health, the delivery of goods, food and services and allowing them to live and to get through this dramatic period in the best possible conditions.

Through this message, the ERF would like to pay our tribute to them for their devotion and dedication and express our uttermost gratitude.

In normal circumstances, roads provide most of the mobility for passengers and goods. In these difficult times, more than ever, the need for efficient, safe and quick delivery of all essential goods and services to the population is fundamental, including to the most remote areas.

Roads ensure that the supply of necessary goods (food, medicine, medical equipment…) keep on being timely and properly delivered to the population, also guaranteeing mobility for emergency services (ambulances, fire brigades, technical urgent interventions and assistance).

Roads are the binding link for us all and in these uncertain times, all the road infrastructure actors (authorities, operatives, contractors, suppliers…) are also on the front line to provide citizens with all the services they need and require.

As ‘The Voice of the European Road’, the ERF thanks and supports the whole road community for its constant commitment and efforts to ease and improve our citizens’ daily life.

Together united, we will maintain and strengthen the solidarity with the whole community. The whole road sector is on your side as always, and even more now.