The second edition of the International Road Safety conference event boosted discussions on the role of RRS in smart and safe roads

30 September 2022 | Pereto, Italy

The second edition of the International Road Safety Conference successfully took place on 29th and 30th September at AISICO Test House & Lab in Pereto (AQ).

The main theme of the conference – organised by AISICO and many prestigious sponsors- was “Smart and Safe Roads: the role of vehicle restraint systems”. The objective was to analyse the currently hot topic of the role that road restraint systems will play in smart roads.

The event boosted exchange of views amongst European and international association, road and motorways operators as well as manufacturers. Crash tests were also performed during the two-day sessions.

Giovanni Brero – president of ENBF and representative of UNICMI (an association that represents the Italian manufacturers of metallic building products) – proposed solutions on how to assess the sustainability of Road equipment.

He briefly introduced the essential requirements for noise and safety barriers according to CPR revision and how to declare product performance.

Mr Brero proposed to measure the sustainability of a product using the EPD or Environmental Product Declaration. Currently a working group in the standardisation body CEN is working on a new standard that could make EPD compatible with CPR approach. 

Finally, he also presented the case of PROCEEDR, the research project funded by CEDR that is dealing with sustainability of roadside equipment.

This research project aims to create two tools (an online tool and a software tool) to enable National Road Administrations identifying innovative and sustainable solutions to facilitate the transition from linear to a circular economy in the field of roadside infrastructure.