Road Safety Programme

Road safety represents a keystone for the ERF activities. Our mission is to support the European Union goal to halve the number of road fatalities by 2020.

The EU streamlines the road safety strategy through the deployment of the Road Safety Programme every decade. Current guidelines 2011-2020 include a combination of measures to make infrastructure, user and vehicles safer.

In the EU, over 300 million vehicles circulate on a road network of approximately 5 million kms. The societal impact of road accidents, fatalities and injuries is estimated to be around 2% of the EU GDP, or in other words, around € 250 billion.

The ERF Road Safety Programme serves to promote the important contribution of the road infrastructure elements and management in making our roads safer from the engineering design to the operation phases.

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Upcoming Events
13th Congress on Transport and Transport Infrastructure – Roads
  • September 19, 2024
  • Hotel Holiday, Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
IRF World Congress 2024
  • October 15, 2024
  • Istanbul Congress Centre, Istanbul, Türkiye