Catalyzing Sustainable Road Infrastructure: Insights from the World Road Congress Workshop

Prague, Czech Republic | 6 October 2023

The European Union Road Federation (ERF) and Routes de France jointly organized a highly impactful workshop during the World Road Congress held in Prague from October 2 to 6, 2023.

The workshop, led by ERF Director General Christophe Nicodème and EAPA Technical Director Breixo Gomez Meijide, centered on the pivotal topics of decarbonisation and circular economy within road construction, maintenance, and associated equipment.

Recognizing that road infrastructures serve as fundamental social and economic connectors, the workshop emphasized the critical importance of decarbonisation and circular economy strategies. These initiatives are imperative for both public and private stakeholders in the road community, as well as decision-makers, aiming to combat climate change, foster resilience, and curtail greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption.

Participation in the workshop included representatives from renowned global organizations, such as:

The workshop facilitated comprehensive discussions that transcended European borders, fostering a truly global dialogue. Its success lies in its ability to engage stakeholders worldwide, uniting efforts towards sustainable and environmentally conscious road infrastructure development.