ERF Present at Driving Future Platform

14 September 2017 | Brussels, Belgium

Chaired by MEP Ismael Ertug, the Driving Future Platform is dedicated to better understanding the complex legal and technical issues related to the advent of autonomous cars.

On 5 September, the Driving Future Platform held a panel debate on ‘Autonomous Driving and Digital Analogue Infrastructure. The purpose of the event was for experts to debate the implications autonomous vehicles will have on road infrastructure, both from a digital and physical perspective.

ERF President Rik Nuyttens was invited to give the perspective of the road infrastructure sector from an industry viewpoint. Given that the short to medium term will be characterised by the presence of mixed traffic conditions where conventional and automonous vehicles will co-exist, it is important to understand how infrastructure solutions such as marking and sign can be adapted to serve both the driver and the vehicle. In this sense, ERF is working with other partners under the auspice of the CEN TC 226 Ad-hoc working group to understand how Lane Keeping Assist and Intelligent Speed Adaptation systems can function optimally with the infrastructure, while continuing to serve the visual needs of drivers.