GINA was part of the Commission’s 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technology Development which concretely addressed the adoption of EGNOS/Galileo in the road sector with regards to different specific aspects:

  • The technical feasibility and economic viability of a large scale, GNSS-only road pricing scheme which is not yet proven
  • The potential benefits related to congestion and pollution management
  • The potential of VAS running on a road pricing platform as well as the use of the same Onboard Equipment shared by different applications
  • The added value of the EU technology as compared to GPS-only in terms of performance or cost improvement has to be fully understood.

2018-07-09To confront these barriers, the GINA Project intendeds to leverage on three main activities:

  • An in-depth analysis of all the factors affecting a nationwide GNSS-based road pricing solution and VAS running on the same platforms. Legal, regulatory, interoperability and standardisation aspects were analysed. Given the importance of understanding EGNOS/Galileo commercial feasibility, special emphasis was placed on market and business aspects.
  • A large-scale nation-wide demonstration of a GNSS-based road pricing scheme and VAS was implemented in the Netherlands. The trial complied with a list of requirements defined by real end-users.
  • A solid awareness-raising strategy was deployed and contributed to the adoption of the EU GNSS for road pricing and VAS.